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We are Now Enrolling!!!

We are super excited to be enrolling for the 2024-25 School Year, with 

Full Time and Part Time Options, Summer Camps, and now we are sharing some amazing Homeschooling Cooperative Classes!!!​





Our Brave New Vision

Our mission is to create independent, mindful, and innovative life-long learners that change the world with their ingenuity and compassionate action!


What is the point of school?

We seek to educate with integrity to the will and personal strength of the child.

We allow each of our students the ability to be sovereign over their own education.

We always seek to empower and enlighten with action and compassion.

Our Brave New Mission

We are a Mindful Holistic Whole Brain Developmental Children's Educational Organization created to promote opening social and emotional awareness and educational play in a stress-free, balanced, nature-focused environment.

Brave New School

We are serving a

Contemplative/Progressive/Waldorf Education model for our elder children, 7-12,

and a

Waldorf/Reggio/Forest School Education model for our younger children, 3-7,

and a

Waldorf/Reggio/Forest School Education model for our toddler children, 18m-3,

We are a

democratic school 

with mindfulness/SEL components for all.


Head, hands, heart, soul.

What to expect...

Having Fun While Learning!

Learning is extra effective if it is fun and engages the child on their level, allowing them to play and explore all of the ways that people learn and then help steer their own course with our individualized program options for each student!

Art/Makerspace Class

Allowing the creative minds to unfold with their potential by creating an artistically open environment for each child to explore and discover their gifts and potentials to blossom their appreciation and understanding of art in all of its forms!


Science Has Never Been This Fun!

Deeper learning using STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) models as children actively create in the classroom to explore the realms of science!

Building Friendships

The contemplative aspect to our model encourages each child to make deeper connections as we teach SEL (social and emotional learning skills) along with awareness activities to help each child to find their calm and center point within.

Music Classes

Helping each child find their inner rhythm for learning with our music education!


Let Your Children's Voices Be Heard!

Democratic school models implementing governance by including the students in the process, giving the child a voice in their education so they become more engaged in their progress!

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