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We believe in children and the sacredness of imagination.

How we got here...

See a need, fill a need.

Electronics, with their many advantages, also bring many challenges with attention and with instant gratification and children earlier and earlier having difficulty sustaining focus within the overly multi-stimulatory environments from media that they are exposed to at young ages.

Contemplation and the ability to focus and reflect are more and more important in such an environment. The ability to be able to go within is something that will allow the worldview of our children to expand and grow with love.

Mindfulness is built upon the foundation of creating a contemplative sense of being to see the whole picture as well as the individual one.

In a world with constantly changing technology and stimuli the ability to remain still despite the distractions is very important.

Brave New School is designed to help your child to grow their ability to be able to go within and to find stillness in any uncertainty.

Who we are:

Director: Brien Egan

Special Education Teacher, Alternative School Specialist

Hi, I’m Brien Egan.

My wife Amy and I started Free Range Children and an Outdoor Forest School to create and promote open-minded, social and emotional awareness and educational play in a free stress, balanced, nature focused environment with our Mindful Holistic Whole Brain Developmental Children's Programming. This learning path brought us to our current model that we are using, Brave New School.

We have 5 children together we are raising and I have been a teacher in various alternative, public and private educational settings for the past 20 years. I am a Special Education Teacher certified k-12 for emotional disabilities and specific learning disabilities, certified in History for 6-12th grades, and have my BS in Psychology with a minor in Special Education.

I also designed and have run a kids spirituality summer camp for 12 years teaching children many quantum physics, social and emotional awareness, leadership skills, spiritual concepts, meditation and mindfulness practices.

Our Mission

We are a Mindful Holistic Whole Brain Developmental Children's Educational Organization created to promote opening social and emotional awareness and educational play in a stress-free, balanced, nature-focused environment.

Our Vision

We seek to educate with integrity to the will and personal strength of the child, to allow each of our students the ability to be sovereign over their own education, to always seek to empower and enlighten with action and compassion.

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